Prepaid Android Phones

Prepaid Android Phones

Android is a Linux based operating system which is used for smartphones and tablet computers. It is listed as one of the best selling smartphones worldwide. There are different types and brands of prepaid android phones. Every company claims their android phones to be the best. An analysis on the various brands of android phones may be given below.

Samsung Dart prepaid android phones are claimed to be durable, affordable and practical among the smartphones with its prepaid plan which prevents the user from overusing and enable them to spend within their credits. It is suitable for a person who does not earn much to pay the monthly fixed bills.

This Smartphone is also known for its network availability. The phone has a special feature of cell phone spy software which is used for reading mails, watching pictures and videos and browsing the net.

It comes in a slim design, is lightweight and grey in color. There are also different designs of the covers of the Smartphone which prevents the phone from breaking even if it falls and ensures the longevity of the Smartphone. Its covers come in different colors and are not very expensive.

The battery has a standby of about 12 days, with minimal phone calls and browsing it can last for 3 days without charging.

Prepaid Android Phones From LG

LG has also launched its Optimums slider prepaid android phones which has the advanced features like 3G enabled touch screen, slide out QWERTY keypad. It can also get access to various mobile services.

This phone has no monthly charges up to 3.8 hours of talk time and 12 days of standby time, has 800 MHz processor, Wi-Fi enabled and Bluetooth stereo music. It was launched in October 2011.

Prepaid Android Phones From Samsung

Prepaid Android PhonesSamsung launched its Samsung admire prepaid android phones, red (MetroPCS) in August 2011. Its features consist of up to 3 hours of talk time and 8 days standby time. It also offers the no contractual plan with cheap, affordable and flexible MetroPCS rate plans with Rhapsody unlimited music plan.

It is 3G enabled Wi-Fi networking system, 3.5 inch touch screen and GPS navigation, Bluetooth stereo player, music player and microSD expansion.

Prepaid Android Phones From Motorola

Motorola Company has also launched its prepaid android phones with almost similar features with the above stated android smartphones. Its design is sleek and stylish. Virgin Mobile has offered diverse multimedia features with no contractual basis. The Motorola Triumph was the first original Smartphone presented at the event in the partnership with Sprint.

The Motorola Triumph consists of 4.1’’ WVGA screen, with a frontal camera in it. It is the first Smartphone to be fixed with a camera on the front to appear on the list of prepaid phones. It is also the first android powered Smartphone to have HDMI out. It uses most of the softwares of post-paid carrier but produces the facilities of a prepaid carrier.

With the increase in technological knowledge, the customers had also become more demanding and choosy in selecting any plans or Smartphone for themselves. They are cost conscious types and wanted to enjoy the prepaid facilities with all the technologies of the post-paid carrier.

A review of the best prepaid android phone:

Prepaid Android Phones From HTC

The HTC Wildfire S, which is one of the types of the prepaid android phones, is the smallest member of the HTC Android family. It is made of white plastic with silver accents around the display and camera.

It has similar features as those of any Android Smartphone but its specific HTC sense brings different ways of communicating with friends like calls and status updates together.